Round 14 2021

Just three rounds left, if you want to qualify for the points series you need to marshal, if you haven’t already.
Nick Morgan Hitchen Nomads CC 21.33
Darren Shaw Stourbridge Velo 22.48
Adam Riley OPCC 23.05
Jack Young OPCC 23.28
Peter Fletcher OPCC 23.59
Rhys Evans Guest 24.02
Liam Evans Harrogate Nova CC 24.03
Andrew Davies OPCC 24.31
Jolyon Henry OPCC 24.52
Neil Coles OPCC 24.53
Sam Coxon OPCC 24.58
Alan Edwards OPCC 25.31
Bruce Selby OPCC 26.55
Darrell Walsh OPCC 27.05
Chris Marrs OPCC 27.06
Vikki Jones OPCC 27.35
Stephen Davies OPCC 27.44
Robert Rees OPCC 28.22
John Rowlands OPCC 31.18
Alun Owen OPCC 32.06

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