Round 5 Results

A warm evening and another great turnout along with plenty of PBs .Five different winners in the five rounds so far this year.

Name Club Time
Kenny Cliffe LFCC 22.18
Dan Elliot Tri Central UK 22.29
David Scott 3C Payment Sport 22.54
Tom Richardson OPCC 23.11
James Satoor MSW 23.32 J15
Glyn Jones OPCC 23.53
Lee Williams OPCC 24.09
Jack Young OPCC 24.14 J14
Jack Morris OPCC 24.17
Ben Pierce MSW 24.25 J15
Jolyon Henry OPCC 24.26
Stuart Mitchell Marches CC 24.30
Lou Williams OO Tri 24.33
Andrew Howell OPCC 24.35
Steve Roberts OPCC 24.45
Tim Jones MSW 24.47
Tony Harvey MSW 24.53
Paddy Crisp Marches CC 24.54
Mathew Parry come&try it 25.01
Dean Barnett come&try it 25.06
Adam Riley OPCC 25.13
Andrew Davies OPCC 25.31
Alan Edwards OPCC 26.08
Darrell Walsh OPCC 26.10
Colin Lythe OPCC 26.13
Julie Moore come&try it 26.19
Sam Jones SY Tri 26.33
Simon Jones Hafren CC 26.35
Ian Carson OO Tri 27.56
Stephen Davies OPCC 27.59
Steve Taylor OPCC 29.03
Pete Norman OPCC 30.49
Charlie Price MSW 31.07 J12
Lucy Hammonds OPCC 31.58 J15
Alun Owen OPCC 32.10
Graham Cliffe come&try it 32.49
Megan Jones MSW 35.42 J15
Kieran Morris OPCC DNF J17
Helen Tudor OPCC DNF