Round 9 Results

A warm and sunny evening, well done to Kirk Vickers on being the first rider to win 2 rounds this year. The 19 will be rerun next week so we will need extra marshals

Name Club Time
Kirk Vickers Rhino Velo RT 19.55
Ryan Morley RAF CC 20.12
James Satoor MSW 23.04 J15
Lee Williams OPCC 23.41
James Dyke Cardiff Ajax CC 23.5
Jack Morris OPCC 23.52
Neil Coles OPCC 23.57
Stuart Mitchell Marches CC 24.19
Gino Trasatti NSW 24.33
Roger Squire FWRC 24.48
Mathew Parry WBCC 24.55
Andew Davies OPCC 25.09
Jack Young OPCC 25.13 J14
DJ Fanning Weybridge Wheelers 25.53
Simon Jones Hafren CC 26.17
Alan Edwards OPCC 26.39
Bruce Selby OPCC 26.54
Ian Carson OPCC 27.3
Stephen Davies OPCC 27.46
Alex Durnell MSW 28.34
John Rowlands Wrekinsport 29.58
Lucy Bulkeley FWRC 30.09
Lucy Hammonds OPCC 31.34 J15
Rich Price MSW 32.21
Charlie Price MSW 32.35 J12
Graham Cliffe OPCC 33.06
Colin Lythe OPCC DNS