Round Five Coaching Revolutions 2-up round

Traffic lights which typically were removed at the last minute caused a switch to the 8.1 mile Rednal course.Hope you all enjoyed the change.Thanks to all the marshals who made it possible.

2-up results

Ben Pierce/James SatoorMSW/MSW18.09
Ed Middleton/Nick LongNova/Nova18.35
Jack Young/Jack Morris MSW/MSW18.55
Richard Collins/Matthew CollinsMSW/MSW18.55
Mark Hill/Emma SerjeantHafren CC/Hafren CC19.31
Jason Davis/J McMGarryParamount/Paramount20.53
Jason Arnold/Shane LoganHafren CC/Hafren CC21.07
Darrell Walsh/Alan EdwardsOPCC/OPCC21.09
Larna Andrew/Leonie Keelingcome&try it21.26
Adam Riley/Vikki JonesOPCC/OPCC21.33
Jenny York/John RobertsonMSW/MSW21.53
Tony Parry/Ian CarsonWrecsam Tri/OPCC23.24
Charlie Price/Dave YorkMSW/MSW23.40
Pete Norman/Kim NormanOPCC/Wrecsam Tri26.05

Solo results

James BellWrexham RC18.35
Dave SaundersMSW19.19
Peter ThomasHafren CC19.25
Steve RobertsOPCC20.47
Mathew ParryOPCC21.16
Jon DaviesMule CC21.34
Andrew DaviesOPCC21.52
Simon JonesMule CC22.35
Harry Rulercome&try it23.12
Alex MutchOPCC23.16
Martyn BramwellOPCC23.28
Robert ReesOPCC24.42
Alun OwenOPCC28.27