Round Four 2024

Good to see Steve Roberts back for the first time since 2022, riders are reminded that they should not cross the white lines when going through Whittington

Tomos HalesWrekinsport21.00
Phil RobertsWrekinsport22.25
Hayley WellsWrekinsport23.19
Jack YoungOPCC23.24
Luke VallenceFenwicks-Fibrax Wrexham RC23.39
Peter FletcherOPCC24.31
Phil GardnerMSW24.51
Clive BourneOPCC24.57
Andrew DaviesOPCC25.16
Peter Jonesguest25.48
Colin WellsParamount CRT26.23
Alan EdwardsOPCC26.28
Neil ColesOPCC26.30
Steve RobertsOPCC26.31
Darrell WalshOPCC27.21
Chris MarrsMSW/OPCC27.25
Andrew WilliamsMSW28.23
Bruce SelbyOPCC28.25
Neil GriffithsMSW28.42
Alastair WoodOPCC28.56