Round Seven 2024

It was the week we turn left in Whittington, well done do all who did the 19 and tackled The Brow. Also good to see the return of Josh Williams setting a new course record of 19.04
Ten Results
Josh Williams Team Botrill 19.04
Peter Fletcher OPCC 25.14
Neil Coles OPCC 25.39
Chris Marrs OPCC/MSW 27.12
Alun Owen OPCC 30.58

19 Results
Devon Round MSW 43.35
Chris Riley Paramount 45.31
Richard Nickless Paramount 48.39
Jack Young OPCC 50.08
Adam Riley OPCC 50.23
Phil Gardner MSW 51.09
Luke Blyth guest 55.08
Darrell Walsh OPCC 56.02
Helen Tudor OPCC 56.37
Ashley Kirkham Wrekinsport 56.45
Bruce Selby OPCC 58.18
Stephen Davies OPCC 58.27