Round Seventeen 2023

Another season done apart from next week’s hillclimb. Thanks to everyone who rode and helped out. Thanks to Kim Norman and Luke Vallance for helping out tonight, we will always remember Pete , who went out as a World Champion and a VTTA 10 mile record holder.
David Griffiths OPCC 20.45
Jack Young OPCC 23.09
Rob Kerr OPCC 23.19
Adam Riley OPCC 23.30
Peter Fletcher OPCC 24.17
Neil Coles OPCC 24.51
Andrew Davies OPCC 25.05
Andrew WilliamsMSW 25.29
Phil Gardner MSW 26.01
Chris Bowers Mid Wirral Wheelers 26.11
Darrell Walsh OPCC 26.45
Vikki Jones OPCC 27.19
Bruce Selby OPCC 27.28
Alastair Wood OPCC 27.43
Tony Parry Cyclo Cymru 27.56
Stephen Davies OPCC 28.46
Alun Owen OPCC 30.37
John Rowlands Wrekinsport 35.26

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