Club Events 2021

Friday night time trials start on 7th May, first rider off at 7pm.
Remember we are still working to the COVID risk assessment so please maintain social distancing, bring the exact entry fee (£4) and your own pen to sign on. Do not congregate around the start and finish areas.
Club members can sign on as normal but at least initially we will be limiting the number of riders from other clubs. If you are not a Paragon rider and wish to ride then you need to follow the instructions below.
If you want to ride on Friday 7th May you have to register with me ,my email is you cannot do this until after 1.00 pm on the Tuesday
before the Friday 7th May first come first served.
Likewise for each week register on the Tuesday before the Friday after
1.00 pm,I am sorry to do this but it is a Police restriction on the numbers
You may not be able to ride every week
I will try to be fair to all cyclists
Robert Rees