Round Two 2023

Well done to David Griffiths on a second win and Adam Riley on setting a round bike target for the rest of the season.
David Griffiths OPCC 21.21
Adam Riley OPCC 24.41
Lee Morgan OPCC/Mule 25.06
Philip Gardener MSW 25.32
PeterFletcher OPCC 25.56
Andrew Williams MSW 26.19
Joseph Lycett MSW 27.11
Peter Everett OPCC 27.17
Darrell Walsh OPCC 27.49
Chris Marrs OPCC/MSW 27.56
Bruce Selby OPCC 28.15
Tony Perry Cycle Cymru 28.17
Neil Griffiths MSW 28.22
Stephen Davies OPCC 28.59
Mike Dovaston OPCC 30.05
John Rowlands Wrekinsport 35.19
Pete Norman OPCC 38.59